School Demo Team

  1. No coaching or instruction from coaches allowed during the demonstration.
    Master/coaches/instructors can assist with music.
  2. All demo team participants (Any age)
    • ALL team members must be students that are currently enrolled members of your local school.
    • All team members must participate in an individual event.
  3. Number of team participants
    • Minimum number of team competitors is 10.
    • Maximum number of team competitors is 30.
  4. Time permitted
    • One minute to set up.
    • Six minutes for demonstration.
  5. Technical requirements
    • Creative poomsae movement
    • Board breaking
    • Self defense
  6. Miscellaneous
    • Equipment and costumes can be chosen by the school demo team.
    • Any weapons used must be imitations.
    • No confetti , spark powder or fire cracker of any kind
  7. Scoring based on:
    • Team spirit
    • Originality
    • Organization of set-up and performance
    • Technical requirements
    • Deductions for exceeding the 6 minute time limit will be assessed.
  8. Top Three Schools will be awarded Top Tier Trophies to Display at their Dojangs
  9. Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in a disqualification.