1. Eligibility
    • White belts age 4 and up
    • Yellow/orange belts and higher of any age
  2. Single elimination format
  3. Competitors will be judged on ability to perform the form associated with their current rank, balance, rhythm, and manner.
  4. Official poomsae:
Color Belts
White Basic
Yellow/Orange Taeguk & Palgwe 1 or 2
Green Taeguk & Palgwe 3 or 4
Blue/Purple Taeguk & Palgwe 5 or 6
Red/Brown Taeguk & Palgwe 7 or 8
Black Belts
1st Dan Koryo
2nd Dan Keumgang
3rd Dan Taekaek
4th Dan Pyong Won
5th Dan Sipjin

Group & Family Poomsae

  1. Group Poomsae : ONLY for Black Belts Students.
    Must have 3-4 members to compete.
    Black Belts may choose from: Koryo , Kumgang or Teabeak
  2. Family Form: 2-5 competitors are required to participate.
    All members must be related.
    Poomsae must be Taeguek, or Palgwae
  3. Both Group and Family form competitors may choreograph their performance of approved poomsae with different directions, angles to start and finish, rhythm.